CBD Found To Combat Epilepsy and Seizures

CBD, a compound taken from the cannabis plant, has been proven to be effective in treating and managing epilepsy. CBD is cannabidiol, which is found in the hemp part of the marijuana plant. CBD is not the same as THC, which is the compound that produce a “high” for the user. Instead, CBD has beneficial effects on the body and it is safe for children to use in pediatric care. CBD can actually have antipsychotic effects and stabilizes the mood and mental condition of the user. For these reasons, it is gaining more and more attention within the medical industry every day. In addition to its many other uses, it was just recently found to be effective in dealing with epilepsy. One study found that patients who used CBD as a treatment method experienced a 45 percent decrease in the number of seizures they experienced overall. This study was prefaced by conducted animal studies and both tests has shown that CBD is very promising in its use for epileptic patients. It is able to be tolerated when the dosage is kept under 25 milligrams every day. In addition to the decrease in seizures, 9 percent of all the patients were actually epileptic free after beginning the CBD treatment. That means that those patients did not experience any seizures after they became investing or applying CBD oil to their bodies.

CBD And The Future

These findings about CBD oil’s affect on epilepsy means that the compound is going to make huge strides within the health care community in the future. This will provide hope to the people who suffer from epilepsy every day. They will be able to return to their lives are normal and not struggle to counter these seizures with sometimes ineffective treatment plans now that CBD is an option for some of them. It is also effective in children with epilepsy that has so far been resistant to the other available treatment options. CBD oil is safe and does not make the children feel ill after it is dosed correctly.

CBD Gives Hopes To People With Epilepsy

Currently, the medications available to the people who suffer from epilepsy are ineffective for about 30 percent of them. Either the seizures continue with no stopping, or the side effects of the drugs are too painful and sickening to deal with on a daily basis. Epilepsy is a life threatening condition and CBD oil  or sometimes even referred to as THC oil is giving people a new kind of hope that they might be able to live a full and normal life. The proof of the effectiveness of CBD grows larger every day as more tests and mores studies are conducted. This is going to be life changing for the people whose epilepsy cannot be treated by regular drugs and medicine. 30 percent of all people with epilepsy are unable to tolerate or find effect from drug use, so CBD gives these people hope of a brighter and happier future. In addition, CBD is relatively safe and can be used by most people without major side effects.