If you would love to have beautiful looking nails but do not have the money to pay for them being done at a nail salon, you may be considering learning how to do your nails yourself.

If you are, acrylic nail kits are probably one of the things you have probably heard people talk about when they talk about doing your own nails.

What are acrylic nail kits (or in spanish: Kit de uñas de porcelana), do you need them for your nails and how can you learn to apply them at home?

What are acrylic nail kits? — These are kits that allow you to create fake nails using acrylic.

These types of fake nails are very popular as, once you learn how to use a kit correctly, they are easy to use and create nails that will look beautiful for weeks afterwards.

How do you know if you need acrylic nail kits? — If you have very short or bitten nails, or have nails that peel and break as they are not very strong, then acrylic nails are perfect for you.

They will cover up your short, bitten, peeling nails and give you long, hard nails that will not break no matter how much you use your hands.

How can you learn to apply them at home? — Many women who love acrylic nails go to a nail salon to have them applied.

If you do this every time they need repairing or replacing, however, the costs really do add up. If paying for acrylic nails is not in your budget, then going to a nail salon frequently is out of the question.

This is where acrylic nail kits come in.

After all, you can buy acrylic nail kits for a fraction of the cost of having your nails done at a nail salon and, once you learn how to use them, they will take you no time at all to apply.

How can you learn to apply them at home? By watching online nail courses that show you how to apply acrylic nails like a professional, and by practicing yuurself.

Where can you find acrylic nail courses? — There are two places most people go when they are looking for information about how to correctly apply acrylic nails.

The first place is YouTube as, with so many video courses for all kinds of things, it is easy to find free courses as well. The only problem with this is not all of them are recorded by professional manicurists, and some of the people doing the instruction do make mistakes.

This is why many people are now buying their acrylic nail kits from nail salons in Portugal and Spain. These salons sell acrylic nail kits for an affordable price and, once you buy one, they give you access to free video courses showing you how to apply those nails.

The courses are accessible from all over the world, and you can watch them as many times as you like. They are also recorded by the salon’s professional nail manicurists.

So now you know everything to get your nails done at home – just don’t do this 😉