When many people consider buying a microwave, size or microwave dimensions are the first thing they think of. How big or how small should my microwave be. It is hard to define the best measure of a microwave since people have different needs and appliance usage. A five-star hotel does not need the same size of a microwave as a private home. That means that all sizes are best; what differs is the microwaves’ needs and power consumption.

Factors that will help you identify the microwave size that suits you best

  1. Your space

Where will you be placing the microwave after purchase? Do you have the right answer for that? Identifying where you will be setting your microwave gives you a heads up on what size of microwave to buy. Countertops allow you to buy a microwave any size. They also allow you to plug in your microwave and use it immediately. A built-in cabinet for your microwave limits you to the size of the microwave you should purchase.

  1. Cooking capacity

Different microwaves have different cooking capacities. The Capacity is measured in liters. The bigger the microwave in terms of size, the bigger the Capacity. Microwaves range from as low as 15 liters to 32 liters and above. A 20 liters microwave is ideal for a small family, whereas a microwave with a capacity of 32 liters and above would be ideal for commercial use.

  1. The wattage

How fast do you want your food thawed, warmed, or cooked? A 1000-watt microwave will heat food more quickly than a 700-watt microwave. If you wish to get a fast-heating microwave, then you will need a higher wattage microwave. Please note that a bigger microwave does not mean that it will heat faster. The appliance could be small but with a higher wattage.

4.The size of your family

A family that has many family members will need a bigger microwave than a family with fewer members. A family with more than four members needs a full-size microwave, while singles may comfortably use a mid-size microwave.

  1. Programming of the microwave

Microwaves that require you to manually input timing are slowly losing market to microwaves that come with preset timings. The evolution in technology has led us to a point where microwaves are convectional so that they can warm, cook, bake, and grill. When buying a microwave, you must focus on the things that you will need the microwave for. Even if it is small and meets your needs, then you are good to go.

Bottom line

Though the price is also considered when purchasing a microwave, please note that a small microwave with many preset options will be expensive than a big solo microwave oven. When the deal is too good, think twice. Don’t go for a microwave that suits your pocket but can do less for you.