There are always pros and cons when moving to a new country. Moving to a country like Singapore that differs greatly from the United States should not be a decision made without some thought. Did you know that you cannot chew gum there? Though, Singapore has so much to offer. Here are three good reasons why relocating to Singapore is a great idea.


The Weather Is Amazing


One of the best reasons for relocating is the beautiful weather. They do not have the seasons that other countries experience. It is summer weather all year long. There is no need to pack the parka because it will never get used. Instead, make sure to pack the raincoat, because they get a lot of rain. The locals constantly joke about their weather. They try to explain to visitors that Singapore has two seasons, which are summer and winter. Singaporeans love their air conditioning. They keep their homes cold. So, when they leave their home and go outside, it is summer, but when they return to their cold homes, it is like winter. Stock up on shorts and t-shirts and get rid of all your winter gear.


Low Taxes


There is a reason why the co-founder of Facebook gave up his United States citizenship to become a Singapore citizen, and that is taxes. The tax-rate in Singapore is about 15 percent, but those who are considered short-term employees pay no taxes. It is better for Eduardo Saverin to pay his taxes in Singapore instead of paying more than double in the United States. This makes Singapore the ideal location for any entrepreneur who truly wants to make money. It is really easy to become rich in Singapore because you get to keep most of your money instead of handing it over to the government. So, the country has a high population of millionaires at approximately 17%., allowing the proliferation of mega residential projects like Normanton Park.




Singaporeans love everyone. Though we do not consider most Asian countries to be multicultural, Singapore sticks out as being one Asian country that celebrates everyone. This creates a special atmosphere within the country. People from everywhere call Singapore home, and everyone coexists peacefully. This is especially true when it comes to religion. The Christian churches coexist next to the Hindu temples. Also, people are encouraged to celebrate their cultural heritage as long as it is legal. The country celebrates every holiday on the calendar. Not only will you get the holidays off, you normally celebrate, but you will also get the holidays off others celebrate. This means everything from Diwali to the Lunar New Year to Christmas is a chance to celebrate.