The background of a private driving instructor (e.g. would be private driving instructor woodlands) is important for licensed driver’s from teens to capable seniors. A private instructor’s training and certification involve the following:

* they are licensed and certified
* they are at least 21 years old with a high school diploma
* they undergo physical examinations
* they undergo a thorough background check
* their driving record must be squeaky clean
* they must undergo classes and driving course testing
* they must receive a driving instructor license at their local DMV office

The cons and pros of using a private driving instructor for your driving lessons are often preferred over a school riding course or a family member. Private driving lessons can be customized to suit each person’s ability to learn at their own pace. Individuals seeking to take their first driving lesson or individuals who would like a refresher course, enjoy the benefits of private driving instructors. Not only can private driving instructors provide personalized attention and lesson that is needed to remain safe on the highways and byways, but instructors are available on your timetable.

Private instructors are knowledgeable about the area where you love, therefore, you will know more about the local regulations and laws for your state which is important to take the driving exam. You can practice driving around specific roadways and destinations that you are familiar with but when navigating familiar locations behind the wheel of the car, can look entirely different. In addition, private driving instructors are able to focus solely on you. From teens to seniors, a private instructor makes you feel relaxed without the stress of family members or school instructors writing on a pad making you feel self-conscious.

Further private driving instructor benefits include:

* your chances of passing your MVA road test is better. Around 96% of individuals who used the services of a private instructor passed their road-test.

* You can work on driving skills that are considered your weak points, i.e., parallel parking or reverse driving. With this type of driving environment, you can learn faster and you learn better skills.

* Private driving instructors are less expensive than driving schools

Using private driving instructors are more flexible than signing how to drive at a driving school. They pick you up at a location of your choice and they drop you off. Private instructors help you become familiar with the workings of a car because they use the same car for each lesson. Especially for new first time drivers, learning how to operate a car and become familiar with where the controls are is important on the road where your eyes must remain on the road and not trying to find the windshield wiper, turn signal, or Bluetooth radio.

We mentioned most of the pros of using a private driving instructor, but are there any cons? The only downside is in finding a private instructor who is reputable. Perform research to ensure the legitimacy of the private instructor. Talk to them on the phone and let your intuition be your guide. If you have a good rapport on the phone then you will also have one when you meet. Not only must a private instructor have their legalized paperwork but they should also be kind, patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging.