When giving presents to the guys in your life, the greatest cadeau voor hem isn’t usually the typical things like socks, ties, and new tools. Instead, put a personal twist on classic categories to create gifts that every sort of recipient will appreciate.

We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts ideas for men, whether he’s your husband, boyfriend, dad, kid, or closest friend; we hope you find something for him here.

Puffer Jacket:


Purchase a decent, lightweight puffer jacket for the colder months. This lightweight and water-resistant puffer jacket will keep your father, brother, boyfriend, and other family members warm and dry throughout the winter and spring.



Your guy still wants to have a good time like a child, then a drone with a camera will allow him to do exactly that. They will have a great time flying about, making videos and photos, and experiencing the world from different perspectives. This gift is easy to use, and a lot of fun, and they will appreciate it.



Watching movies on your flat-screen TV is so old-fashioned these days. People, we’re living in 2022, and it’s past time to spice things up a little. Give a Projector to your favorite movie enthusiast and help him host the greatest movie night anybody has ever attended.

Gaming Console:


A gaming console is a perfect present for guys who like gaming. It has lightning-fast performance thanks to a bespoke Processor and Graphics. It elevates gaming to a whole new level. This means that, regardless of where he plays, Console-enabled games appear better than ever. The good thing about gaming consoles is that it is not just for guys who like games; every guy will surely enjoy this gift and appreciate you!

A Unique Card Deck:


A deck of playing cards, which contains gorgeous artwork and a cool, sinister feel, is perfect for card enthusiasts, magicians, poker players, or anybody who appreciates the board game side of things. It is also great for card collectors.

Guitar Set:


Get him an electric guitar set that includes anything he’ll need to channel his true rock star, whether he already plays the guitar or has always wanted to learn — what better time to start a new musical hobby?



If he wants to become and remain healthy in 2022, buy him a smartwatch that monitors sleep quality, records his heart rate and exercises, and allows him to check his email, text, and connect his workout music. We promise that he will love this present and appreciate your effort into this gift.


So what are you waiting for? Gift them one of these items, and we are sure they will like them!