In a increasingly digital world, there is one thing technology could never replace – a business card. Whether at an event or in the supermarket, business cards can be a vital part to your success. Below are five reasons why it is still a good idea to carry business cards with you at all times. Btw, you can grab some pretty cheap and awesomely designed cards at Business Cards Vancouver – go check’em out.

  • First Impressions Matter

A memorable first impression can have a lasting impact on anyone you meet, let alone a potential client. A business card shows you mean business, especially if it stands out compared to others.

  • Shows You’re Serious

It is the little things you do that has the most impact. When you can pop out with a business card at a moments notice, potential clients get the impression that you are reliable, ready, and dedicated to your business.

  • Build a Human Connection

Meeting someone in person carries more weight than meeting someone online. Business cards allow you to interact with potential clients in a more personable way, making you more memorable than an online ad.

  • Quickest Way to Exchange Information

Don’t hand over your phone to get a potential clients number, that can come off as desperate. By giving them a business card instead, you allow them to get back to you when they are ready. Everything they need to know is readily available on the card, saving time if you or the client are in a rush.

  • Gives you the Initiative to Market Yourself

When you go to an event with the goal of passing out all of your business cards, it promotes you to be more active in pursuit of potential clients. The more active you are, the more leads you get. Go anywhere with 50 business cards in your pocket and see how you spend more time trying to put yourself out there.

Think of a business card as a tool in your arsenal. Marketing yourself and/or your company is crucial to the success of any business or practice. In the digital realm you have the internet to market yourself, but in person, you need a business card to add just the right touch of professionalism to your message.