Hunting boots are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in a hunter’s tool kit and they can make a huge difference in the overall success of a hunt. Serious hunters always want to have high-quality gear but when it comes to the topic of hunting boots, many hunters look at this piece of equipment as something that will only be good for a season or two before they will have to be replaced for a new pair. The fact is that it does not have to be this way. With proper maintenance and cleaning, a hunter can enjoy utilizing the same pair of boots for many seasons – that’s why cleaning hunting boots is so essential. There is nothing like being familiar with your equipment and a good reliable pair of boots can often seem like an old friend. The fact is that hunting boots take a lot of wear and tear when they are put out in the field and they can shrink and crack and often times will tend to generally fall apart. This can be mitigated to a great deal by following these three tips in regard to hunting boot maintenance.


Dealing With Cleaning And Maintaining Leather Boots:


Leather boots tend to be the most popular variety on the market. In order to do proper upkeep on these boots, a damp cloth should first be used in order to remove any of the dried mud that has no doubt build up on them over the course of a hunt. From this point, a hunter can utilize a soft brush with nylon bristles in order to remove the remaining debris from the hunting boots. It is also advisable to remove the footbed in the boots and use warm water to help cleanse them. A toothbrush is ideal for helping to scrub out the dirt. After this step is completed, it is critical to leave the boots turned upside down so that they can dry completely. It is also important to note that the drying should not be rushed and should be allowed to happen naturally.


Dealing With Cleaning And Maintaining Non-Leather Boots:


When it comes to the non-leather variety of hunting boots, a great start to cleaning is to again remove the excess mud that has built up. Using a stream of water is an ideal way to help with this. From there, it is important to dry the boots. A bit of baking soda is also ideal to help with this process when used in conjunction with a small brush.


Proper Storage Of Hunting Boots:


When it comes to boot storage, a dark and dry spot with a cool temperature is ideal. With leather boots, it is also advisable to use a conditioning product to help maintain the material.



A bit of regular maintenance on hunting boots can go a long way and it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process either. Hunters can really maximize the shelf-life of their hunting boots by following these three simple steps. It is a great way to be able to continually re-use a good and reliable piece of hunting equipment.