There are lots of different clothing options out there. Everything from a nice, business suit to tuxedos and even the yoga pants and white shirt option. One element of our clothing choice are the t-shirts we wear.

When we put on a nice t-shirt, we are saying something about ourselves; we are showing our support for a brand, for a cause, or for a belief. If you are a Christian, do you wear Christian clothing? If not, you should. It’s 2020. With all the technology, other clothing, billboards, and other media designed to capture our attention, a t-shirt is a great way to give the people you meet inspiration. Why not put on a shirt that states your affection for Christ? Why not put on a shirt that quotes a proverb to live by? When wearing a Christian t-shirt, you will be telling the world about our lord and savior, promoting his glory and testifying to everyone on the street. You will be doing God’s work and letting people know that his kingdom is great. Check our these christian t-shirts and more for some biblical inspiration.

They Start Conversations

The bible has a lot of great things to say. It gives us the word to live by. When you promote the bible on your t-shirt, you are allowing people the opportunity to read it and come learn more about Jesus. It is possible to receive a question form anyone. You can have a fellow believer come up and share just how that verse inspires them. You can have someone come up to you and ask you why that verse is so powerful to you. Both opportunities are a great chance to share your love for the lord; for you to engage with your fellow believers.

What about those that aren’t a believer? With just the right proverb, you may encounter someone that approaches you and informs you that those words are wise and proceed to ask you about them. This is a perfect opportunity to inform them about God’s love. You may be presented with an opportunity to pray for them, to have them join you in prayer, or to invite them to church. Everyone loves a new friend, and just by wearing the right shirt at the right time, you and God will both have someone new in your life.

Meaningful Messages

With the many different slogans out there, why not present something with meaning? The bible touches people in different ways. Be the solution to the problem and bear witness to the word of God and provide them with a message they need to hear. If you aren’t one of those people that is comfortable approaching strangers, your shirt will do the talking for you.

What are you waiting for? Share with the world that you are a believer.