Comparing the AR10 versus the AR15 (quick plug for rifle is vital if you are to choose the best gun for the situations you plan on using it in.

Comparisons can be as simple as size, weight, price, use and stopping power, but all should help you choose the best rifle for your own particular needs.

The size of the AR10 versus the AR15 rifle — The barrel of the AR10 is around 3 inches longer than that of the AR15. Size-wise it is also a slightly longer gun.

This often means the AR15 is a better choice for tactical situations, as the barrel of the AR10 is simply too long.

The weight of the AR10 versus the AR15 — The rifle that has the lowest weight is the AR15, with a weight that can be up to two pounds lighter than the AR10 depending on how the latter is configured.

This often means the AR15 is the choice for female rifle owners, or for men who want a lightweight gun or who are buying it for their wife or teenage child.

The price of the AR10 versus the AR15 — While both guns are reasonably priced, especially for the quality and the firepower, the AR15 is almost always the cheaper weapon.

This means, if price is a real consideration for you over and above any other factor, then your choice should be the AR15 rifle.

What will the rifle be used for? — If you need a rifle with the most stopping power, then the AR10 is far and away the better choice. Especially if you are a big game hunter and want a gun that is easily able to stop a large animal on the run.

The stopping power of the AR10 is due to its larger caliber bullets, which have much more of an impact when hitting flesh than do the bullets of an AR15. The AR10 is also a gun that has much more accuracy at longer distances than does the AR15.

On the other hand, the AR15 is excellent if you need a gun to control pests, or if you are more likely to be shooting smaller game. It has the capability of shooting more bullets per minute, and it is more accurate at closer distances.

It is also a good rifle if you are looking for something to be used for security for your home or land.

Buying replacement parts — The final thing some new rifle owners do not think about is how easy it would be to buy replacement parts for the AR10 versus the AR15.

In fact, if you want to be able to buy every rifle replacement part with ease and in a short period of time, then the AR15 is the only choice. Replacement parts for the AR10 can be more difficult to find and, even upon order, can take a longer time to receive.