If you own a dog and do not have a dog insurance policy for it, these three reasons are very likely to persuade you getting one as soon as possible is a must.

A dog’s medical bills are expensive — The first and most obvious reason for getting a dog insurance policy is how expensive a dog’s medical bills can be.

To the point that, if your dog becomes ill or has a serious accident, just getting basic veterinarian care for him can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

This also does not take into consideration the follow up care your dog will probably need. Follow up care that can need to be done for months afterwards if your dog’s illness or injury was severe.

Accidents and illnesses happen quickly — You can get up in the morning, take your dog for a walk and he can be acting completely normal. By the end of the day, he could have been seriously injured or have developed an illness that came on quite quickly.

Dog owners report incidences all the time of their dog being perfectly fine in the morning, and so sick in the afternoon he could barely stand.

Illnesses that come on this fast can be severe as well — kidney failure, heart disease, a blood clot — and can cost thousands of dollars in treatment fees.

For some of the more severe illnesses or injuries, you could find yourself still paying for your dog’s treatment months after the illness or injury still happened. Having a good dog insurance policy will make sure you do not have to worry about it.

Dogs are more at risk than cats — As most dogs spend far more time outdoors than do cats, they are far more at risk for becoming injured or getting sick.

Dogs get hit by cars every day. Dogs are also more likely to injure themselves while out playing, get bitten by snakes, fall down holes or be attacked by other dogs. All of these things can mean you have to take your beloved pet to the vet.

When you do, the cost of basic treatment can be in the hundreds of dollars. More severe cases could cost you thousands.

Getting dog insurance — When it comes to dog insurance, however, you only pay a small amount every month rather than the huge amount of money you would have to pay for a sudden injury. Especially in Europe (Sweden, Germany, UK) dog insurances are very popular, as you can see be visiting sites like djurförsäkring.

Getting dog insurance is easy too, as there are several companies online offering it. Spend some time getting quotes from different companies and comparing the coverage they offer.

Once you are happy with a policy that you find, you can even apply for it online and have your dog completely covered by the end of the day.